Sustainable Peace Cafés 2018-19

Companionship, Contemplation, Inspiration

Sustainable Peace Cafés welcome Harvard students and alumni from across the University and friends and colleagues from the local area to come connect with new companions aspiring to advance sustainable peace. Together, we will nurture our commitment to the practice of peace; contemplate our visions of peace and how to make peace in our communities substantive, shared, and sustainable; and share insights and practices from our spiritual and cultural traditions and life experiences.

Purposes of the Sustainable Peace Cafés include to:

  • Begin creating spaces that foster a global trend to mainstream sustainable peace as a goal of leadership across sectors and communities. 
  • Inspire people to begin taking initiative to develop strategic, innovative approaches to operationalizing that goal in their own contexts.
  • Develop friendships, mutual understanding, and mutual learning across differences as a basis for greater harmony and collaborative work in pursuit of sustainable peace.
  • Create a space in which all feel welcomed to explore and express their authentic selves and diverse sources of inspiration in relation to peace practice.
  • Experiment with activities that people might do regularly in educational, community, and professional spaces to advance bridge-building across differences, exchange of perspectives, and sharing of wisdom, knowledge, and resources for peace practice. 

Each session features a new theme and activities, touching upon six dimensions of holistic peace practice to which we attend in the emerging “One Harvard” Sustainable Peace Initiative (SPI):

  • Sharing wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration 
  • Self-cultivation and virtue-cultivation 
  • Friendship-building and bridge-building 
  • Leveraging resources of culture 
  • Leveraging resources of institutions and communities 
  • Practical projects for shared flourishing 

Attendees are encouraged to explore ways to advance the SPI global trend in their own contexts. A light dinner is served, and informal networking time follows. 

Fall Dates: October 4, November 1, and November 29, 2018 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.
Spring Dates: February 21, March 7, March 28, and April 18, 2019

Peace Cafe Flyer October 4Fall 2018 Sessions

Sharing Inspiration and Wisdom for Peace Across Traditions
Thursday, October 4, 2018

For this first session, we encourage you to bring a peace story from your own spiritual or wisdom tradition; a story of a time when you have seen a mentor or community enacting peace; or a story of a moment when you helped peace to grow in your own context.

Space is limitedRSVP is required.

Second Sustainable Peace Café
Thursday, November 1

More information coming soon!

Space is limited.  RSVP is required.