Activities and Approach


RPP convenes and catalyzes activities at Harvard University and beyond that

  • Bring deep expertise in the study of religion, theology, and ministry to bear on the crucial subject of religions and the practice of peace
  • Foster cross-disciplinary exchange with scholars and leaders from diverse fields such as diplomacy, law, ethics, business, education, health, media, and the arts
  • Promote sharing of conflict transformation expertise among people from diverse religions and cultures
  • Explore holistic approaches to peacebuilding that address its many dimensions, from the spiritual and personal to the institutional and structural
  • Develop leadership preparation that integrates spiritual and ethical formation with intellectual and vocational formation, prioritizes bridge-building across religions and cultures, and provides training in diverse conflict transformation and peacebuilding skills
  • Raise awareness of religious activities for peace around the world
  • Foster a network of scholars and practitioners at Harvard and around the globe dedicated to consultation, research, publication, teaching, and training future leaders in the practice of peace.


In service of its mission, RPP

  • Brings together scholars, practitioners, students, and members of religious communities and the global public for mutual inquiry and learning 
  • Invites bold, innovative, integrative "both/and" thinking 
  • Welcomes all to share their diverse experiences and perspectives and explore them as resources for building sustainable peace.