Dean David N. Hempton

Dean David N. HemptonIn his 2012 Convocation address, Dean Hempton drew on the memory of violence he witnessed in Northern Ireland to offer hopeful visions for the future. His address, “The Fog of Religious Conflict,” began a discussion on religion and sustainable peace that led to the RPP Initiative that exists today.


Fr. Helmick addresses a November 2014 colloquium meeting on peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.RPP Celebrates the Life and Gifts of Peacemaker Fr. Raymond Helmick, S.J. 

Fr. Raymond Helmick, S.J., teacher, peacemaker, and friend of RPP leaves behind a rich legacy of fostering beauty, mutual understanding, and peace.

RPP Colloquium: Join Us!

The RPP Colloquium convenes a cross-disciplinary group of faculty, experts, graduate students, and alumni from across Harvard University and the local area to explore topics in religions and the practice of peace. A diverse array of scholars, leaders, and religious peacebuilders from around the globe are invited.

Free and open to the public, this monthly dinner series will resume in Fall 2016. 



Albert and Karen Budney, MDiv '91, made a major gift to support the Religions and the Practice of Peace Initiative at HDS.Building Peace Through Religious Understanding

Rev. Karen Budney, MDiv '91 and Albert Budney, MBA '74's passion for religious knowledge inspired them to make a major gift to RPP. "At HDS, I was surrounded by people of many different denominations who shared their faith openly and respectfully. It prepared me to engage with differences in a peaceful, more understanding manner," said Rev. Budney. 

RPP Series Archive

Dr. Shapiro and Rev. Dr. Lakawa speak at the Nov. 19 RPP Colloquium.The RPP Series Archive contains recommended resources and videos of past RPP Colloquium sessions and RPP talks on special topics.

RPP Colloquium 2015-2016
RPP Colloquium 2014-2015
Women and the Practice of Peace
Islam and the Practice of Peace

Realize the Vision

RPP Working Group student Sana Saeed asks a question of the Pastor and the Imam.

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